The alchemy of spring and letting go

dawnHere in San Francisco the stirrings of spring are undeniable. The return of the light is more apparent each week. Along with a softening of the days there is what feels like a collective deep breath as the darkness of winter recedes. As the northern hemisphere leans sunward, the sun inches higher in the sky and moves us all toward the fullness of spring.

Spring, like autumn, is a liminal season, a time between the dormancy of winter and intense growth of summer. The chemistry of this season is about what lies between slumber and fruition; it is about renewal and birth. Providing us with a mirror for our inner life, the seasons can teach us about being in tune with our own nature. The springtime of inner life is when we feel the stirring of something within us that begins to grow, or we have a sudden insight or awakening. It may be the inspiration of a new path or creative project, or the emergence of a new way of being. When we have a dream for our future and that spark of vision longs for support to come to completion, that is the chemistry of spring working within us.

This alchemy also happens in a different way each day. Dawn is the twilight time where we can see the inevitability of a new day while still present with nighttime dreams and thoughts before moving into full consciousness. Each day the sun rises and there is a chance for a new beginning. Dawn means “to grow in light,” but also “to have the truth become apparent,” like when the reality of a situation finally “dawns on us.” If we look at these thresholds as times when we choose what we want to plant in our life, or how to best spend our day, it is also a time to see the truth about what must be left behind so we can move forward. It can be tempting to only look to what lies ahead and not take care of unfinished business, but moving forward is easier when we consciously let go of what no longer serves us.

If there is something you want to create or encourage in your life right now, what will you need to let go of in order to support that new growth? If you want to take better care of yourself, what old pattern will you need to relinquish? Is there an attitude toward yourself that is not beneficial to you? Is there someone you need to forgive in order to free up your heart and mind? Is there something you need to forgive yourself for?

Ask yourself:

What am I wanting more of in my life?
What do I want to create or move toward?
If I were to support myself in creating what I want, what will I need to leave behind?
What doors am I ready to close?
In what way might this be hard for me?
What support do I need?

The seasons turn and nature moves forward always, and we also must learn how to do so if we want to thrive and discover who we are on the other side of the threshold. Change is inevitable, like the dawn, and like spring following winter. And letting go, setting down, saying goodbye, and closing doors is necessary in order to open a new door and usher in the fullness of spring within you.