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Holistic Therapy in San Francisco

I am a licensed therapist in San Francisco and provide holistic therapy for people who want to make significant and lasting change in their lives. I specialize in helping people heal areas that are creating stagnation and suffering, so they can have the freedom to live a life that is fulfilling and whole.

There are many experienced therapists in San Francisco with a variety of approaches and styles, but finding the right match is essential. You can read about me and my approach here, and if you’re interested I welcome you to schedule a time to talk to about the possibility of working together. Call anytime at (415) 820-3202 to leave a voicemail or check my online calendar to schedule a phone consultation.

Holistic therapy can help you:

  • Find solid ground in the midst of overwhelming emotions
  • Create loving relationships
  • Break out of cycles of numbing and disconnection
  • Learn to make choices that are supportive to your wellbeing
  • Develop agency and support your dreams

Learn to live in the present moment

Most of the people I work with come to therapy feeling tired of missing out on life. This is often due to anxiety, stress, or feelings of isolation and disconnection that have taken over.

Using holistic therapy techniques that incorporate both traditional and body-mind psychologies I work with my clients to understand and transform these feelings. Working through these barriers is liberating and makes space to focus on living in the present and having more of what you want in life.

Living in the present allows us greater freedom to make choices rather than act from habits or fears. It helps you connect more deeply with yourself and others and in new ways that are ultimately more satisfying.

Supporting your aliveness and growth

When we want something different in life it is natural to feel a contraction at the same time that wants things to stay the same. It often feels easier to live in a way that is familiar than to act on the desire to change. Negative thought patterns and beliefs we have about ourselves create a world that limits our options but feels safe, even if painful.

Eventually the desire to find a new way to live grows stronger than the fear of change.

I create safe space with my clients to work with this fear and gently challenge the status quo of the old patterns. This makes way for feeling more alive and responsive to life as opposed to living in a reactive way.

Therapy specializations 

  • Depression and chronic sadness
  • Personal growth and life transitions
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Trauma and childhood wounding
  • Relationships & communication
  • Spiritual concerns
  • Self care and burnout

If you are interested in working together or have any questions, please call anytime at (415) 820-3202 or check my online calendar to schedule a phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you! 

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