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I am a therapist based in San Francisco, but I work with clients throughout California. I work with people who are ready to make significant change in their lives. I support people in times of transition and when they want more out of life but feel stuck. Together we look at limiting patterns to understand what is needed to move forward. Helping people have a more fulfilling connection with themselves, loved ones, and the world around them is a main focus of my work.

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There are many experienced therapists with a variety of approaches and styles, and finding the right match is essential. You can read about me and my approach here, and if you’re interested I welcome you to schedule a time to talk to and see if I might be a good fit for you.

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To have a good life we need to free ourselves from patterns that keep us feeling small and stuck. First, we need to know what we want and what gets in the way of listening to ourselves or taking action. We need to be able to communicate in a way that feels authentic, which includes setting boundaries without being crushed by guilt, and learning how to connect with others without losing ourselves.

It often feels easier to live in a way that is familiar than to act on the desire for change. I create a safe space with my clients to gently challenge the status quo so you can make your way to a life that is more fulfilling and genuine.

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“I know Devona to be extremely passionate and capable of navigating even
severe terrains in her work. She demonstrates an eloquent balance of mindfulness
and spontaneous play whether working with children or adults…
A true professional with integrity.”

“Devona is a patient, attentive, loving therapist.  She is willing to stay with stuck
and hurt places in a way that makes moving through darkness less scary.
She is capable, always learning new practices and willing to meet clients where they are.”

“Devona is a highly skilled therapist who I often refer to. She brings a wonderful
mix of knowledge, presence and warmth to her work. I know folks are in good hands
when they’re working with her.”

“Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Devona as a
wilderness rites of passage guide. There is no question about it, Devona is a
woman of extraordinary depth who brings insight to some of the most complex
human issues.  But, one of my favorite things about Devona is her sense of humor.
She has the uncanny ability to bring humor to almost any situation while,
at the same time, accentuating the seriousness at hand.
Perhaps, there is a little bit of coyote in her.”

“I have great confidence in Devona‘s presence and ability to be with her clients.
I refer clients to her because I believe she can help, and I hear amazing feedback!”

“Devona is a gifted healer who brings a unique combination of wisdom, intuition,
compassion, intellect, and just the right touch of humor to her work. Devona also
has an astute theoretical understanding and deeply rooted ethics that make her one
of my most trusted and relied upon colleagues.”


  • Learn how to make decisions from a centered place
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Learn effective communication and compassionate boundary setting 
  • Connect with your wisdom
  • Build healthy self esteem 

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