Depression, Grief and Loss

Holistic therapy for depression, grief and loss

Like all emotions, sadness is a healthy response to certain life experiences. It tells us about what is important to us, what we need, and what we care about. However, if you’re feeling chronic sadness that doesn’t lift, then a deeper process is happening that needs attention.

Signs and symptoms of depression

The feeling of depression is experienced differently from person to person. For some it may be more physical or expressed as irritation and anger. For others it is felt as disconnection from the rest of the world, feeling numb, or a loss of direction and meaning. Other common symptoms include loneliness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable.

Causes of depression and low moods

What causes depression or low moods is sometimes mysterious and usually a combination of factors. It can be brought on by a crisis, a loss, or a life transition. It can also feel like there has been a lingering sadness or stagnation for most of one’s life, and this is the case for many people who come to see me. People I work with often tell me it has been a long time since they’ve felt hopeful or happy and they can’t always point to why.

The landscape of depression can feel continually uncomfortable, difficult to tolerate, and hard to escape. Decisions become challenging and lethargy can make it feel impossible to engage in activities that might actually feel good.

There are many potential roots of chronic sadness and depression, including:

  • A difficult childhood
  • Suppressed emotions or life dreams
  • Complicated loss and grief
  • Societal reasons such as oppression
  • A life transition such as a move, a change in role or relationship

Therapy for depression can help 

Getting help for emotional pain is like opening a doorway that can lead to greater wholeness and contentment. It is possible to heal from the past and change negative patterns that keep you stuck. As a therapist specializing in depression I support my clients in exploring the roots of the symptoms while developing the ability to nourish the good in life. Together we can uncover the patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck and then work on shifting them and discovering how you want to engage with life.

“depression compelled me to find the river of life hidden beneath the ice.”         Parker Palmer

For many people, depression is pointing to ways in which they are out of alignment with their true nature. Therapy is a place where you can discover the landscape of your inner life and align with your true self so you can move from surviving to thriving.

I have seen many people commit to this process and reconnect with clarity and aliveness, and find inner sources of inspiration and qualities that have been hidden for many years.

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