For the last 12 years I have been working with adults, both individually and in couples, providing therapy in San Francisco. My style is collaborative and nonjudgmental and I work with a wide range of issues from trauma and grief to reincorporating joy into one’s life and managing self-care.

Although I work with a variety of concerns, I have particular training and experience helping people with the following:

●  Chronic sadness and depression

●  Life transitions and personal growth
●  Trauma and childhood wounding
●  Spiritual concerns
●  Relationships and communication
●  Premarital counseling
●  Self care and burnout

If you have any questions or want to talk about the possibility of working together, call me at (415) 820-3202 or check my online calendar to schedule a phone consultation. 

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  • Don’t ask what the world needs.
    Ask what makes you come alive,
    and go do it.
    Because what the world needs
    is people who have come alive.

    — Howard Thurman
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