Kind Words

“Devona is a patient, attentive, loving therapist.  She is willing to stay with stuck and hurt places in a way that makes moving through darkness less scary.  She is capable, always learning new practices and willing to meet clients where they are.  I highly recommend this talented therapist.” Hillary Funk Welzenbach, LCPC

“I know Devona to be extremely passionate and capable of navigating even severe terrains in her work. She demonstrates an eloquent balance of mindfulness and spontaneous play whether working with children or adults… A true professional with integrity. ”
Vanessa Tate, MFT

“I have great confidence in Devona’s presence and ability to be with her clients.  I refer clients to her because I believe she can help, and I hear amazing feedback. I am so glad she is doing the work she does in the world!” Carolyn Moore, LCSW

“Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Devona as a wilderness rites of passage guide. There is no question about it, Devona is a woman of extraordinary depth who brings insight to some of the most complex human issues.  But, one of my favorite things about Devona is her sense of humor. She has the uncanny ability to bring humor to almost any situation while, at the same time, accentuating the seriousness at hand. Perhaps, there is a little bit of coyote in her.” Betsy Perluss, PhD

Workshop participants
“I loved this workshop because I realized the peace that nature brings is much closer than I thought – even in the city. I loved learning more about the gifts of the medicine wheel and seeing myself in each of the 4 directions. I was very moved being witnessed by Devona and Amanda after telling the story of my solo time in nature. I was amazed by how deep we could go in a daylong workshop. I felt relaxed, present, and connected.” – CM

Amanda and Devona are excellent facilitators – they thread a deep love and respect for the natural world through every aspect of their urban ecotherapy workshop. The workshop helped me access the relationship between the power of nature and my own creative process.  I felt renewed by my solo time in the urban park, then supported and empowered in the community council circle. Most importantly, Amanda and Devona led the workshop with an intuition and grace reflective of the harmony of the natural world. – NM


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  • Everything that happens to you is your teacher…the secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.

    — Polly Berends
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